We have launched Smart Editor with SSML for text to speech conversion. We can add speech effects like a break between words, emphasis on words, or pronouncing abbreviations or phone numbers correctly and many more. Using this editor will make final speech more life like
Before knowing how to use this feature, let's look at basic steps to use this editor properly.
  1. Each feature in the editor is implemented using tags. For adding any effect, you need to add corresponding tag to your input text. In the following example, text will be pronounced slowly compared to normal speech speed.
  2. It would be best if you were careful while using Smart tags in your text. To get the desired effect, we need to place text between the opening and closing tags. Also while deleting effect, we need to remove its start and end tag. Failing to do that will result in unexpected results.
  3. You will not be charged for characters in opening and closing tags

Smart Editor SSML Tags

Emphasis On Words
We can add emphasis on particular word using emphasis tag. For example
Speech Speed
We can change speech speed as well. We have 5 option for speed. Very slow, Slow, Medium, Fast, Very Fast. For example
Say as - Date
We can make date pronounce correctly using say as - date tag. Remember that we need to give date format information in this tag.
We support following date formates.
mdy: Month-day-year.
dmy: Day-month-year.
ymd: Year-month-day.
md: Month-day.
dm: Day-month.
ym: Year-month.
my: Month-year.
Say as - Telephone Number
We can pronounce telephone number correctly. For example,
Say as - Abbrivations/Characters
We can spell out words as well.
Say as - Ordinal
We can pronounce ordinal numbers like following example
Say as - Fraction
For fraction such as 3/5 we can use fraction tag. For mixed fraction like 2 3/5 we need to use 2+3/5.
Say as - Explective
We can bleep out content as well
Break between words
We can add breaks between words using this tag. This is only tag which does not have closing tag.